Mergers And Acquisitions

Mergers And Acquisitions

We provide merger and acquisition services to clients, including advice on Acquisitions, Sale or Divestitures, Strategic Investments and Buyouts and Distressed Sale arrangements. Our advice typically takes into account an analysis of the company and industry dynamics, market positioning, competition, financial performance and specific legal, accounting and regulatory issues.

Strategic Sale

Identifying Strategic Investor, Analyzing Intrinsic Benefits, Valuation Analysis, Sector Specific Strategic Investment, Benefit Analysis, Acquisition Funding, Swap Ratio Analysis, Asset Transfer & Sale Strategies

Distressed Sale

Distressed Sale Strategies, Identifying ARCs & Buyer, Structuring Sale Strategies, Harnessing Resolution, Valuation & Synergy Analysis, Fixing Timelines, Framing Buyout Strategies, Assisting Integration and Turnaround Advisory